Advanced M16 Armorer Course

M16 : M4 : AR-15®
Advanced Armorer Course
Police & Military Weapons - Special Weapons

This 20 hour block of instruction takes the individual armorer to
a new level of weapons training
by creating an in-depth synthesis of diverse material
rarely presented to Law Enforcement and Military personnel.

Specialized Armament has integrated over 30 yrs of first-hand knowledge, engineering, and experience with a new advanced armorer manual, specialty tools, precision gages, proto-type fixtures, custom training aids, and state-of-the-art weapons to form a 2.5 day advanced class that no one will soon forget. This course builds directly on the skills developed in the basic/intermediate level Armorer Course (prerequisite), emphasizing problem solving skills and critical thinking with multi-variable problems. Combat weapons in the real world.

Firearms covered:

M16 : M4 : AR-15 series weapons (5.56mm/223 REM)
Semi-Automatic – All types
Select-Fire – Automatic, Burst, and 4-Way
Special Operations & Suppressed Weapons
(Including the Colt LE6940 and related variants)

Instructor:  Ken Elmore

SGT, U.S. Army (1986 – 1990)
Instructor, Police & Military Weapons (1988 - Present) 
Engineer, Specialized Armament (1990 – present)
Instructor, Colt Defense (1997 – 2007)
Technical Consultant for BLACK RIFLE II (2004)
Subject Matter Expert, National Geographic (2006)
Firearms Consultant, International School of Tactical Medicine (2006 – present)


Three year Specialized Armament Certificate
(Industry Standard)


Restricted to military, law enforcement, corrections, security and related agencies.
(Or with Instructor approval)

Cost: $375.00

The course is a total of 20 hours over a 2.5 day training period.

Prerequisites - Requirements

***Specialized Armament - M16 : M4 : AR-15 Armorer Course***
(Within the past 6 months - NO other courses qualify)

The Advanced Armorer Course CANNOT be taken by itself.
Instructor Approval required for special situations
($575.00 - special testing required, 24 hr Course, non-refundable)


Anywhere Police Department
1234 North Main Street
Anywhere, USA 00010

Time: Day 1: 1300 - 1700 hrs; Day 2: 0800-1700 hrs; Day 3: 0800-1700 hrs

Reservations, Info, Questions:

Office: (480) 940-7397 (Messaging System)

Maximum class size - 15 students